Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Two new run cycles

Was sorting out some ideas and thinking about some things and ended up with these. Probably about 6 hours each, if not more.



  1. Love your animating skills.

    I am completely new and sort of an amateur on the art department however my friends seem to think im doing well enough so i mustered up the courage to ask around.

    I am completely clueless on how to animate things. I am currently working on pixel art.

    Where would you recommend i started?

  2. thanks for checking it out. I don't know if I necessarily know the best way for animating. When I started, my main experience was doing comic illustration.

    I don't know a lot about traditional animation, my focus has been like a laser on 2D game art. I suggest studying the animations of your favorite games, frame by frame, to figure out what makes it look the way it does. That's what I did.

    There may be better software for traditional animating, but I use photoshop, since that's where I make all my other art to begin with. There's a convenient animation window. Basically each "frame" of animation is a collection of information about what layers are visible and where the art is positioned on the layer.