Wednesday, December 1, 2010



  1. Holy wow man! That is stunning, just had to comment even thou this place seems to be pretty dead, but damn, really fine art in here! Is Gulch still a Thing?

  2. thanks. :) I don't do comics at the moment, but I am making a video game.

    1. Haha as if I wouldn't know already ;P Really looking forward to your stuff (big Metroid and Igavania Fan here too), Ghostsong brought me into Stencyl...which then brought me to your blog..and of course all started with the GAF/Kickstarter Thread :D Since i like the art of ghostsong so much, i was wondering if there was more and jup here I am :D Inspired by your posts I just started my own little experiment with stencyl too (absolute non-progammer here), really admire that "go-straight" attitude in building a game!...anyway it is amazing to see your progress with Ghostsong and i can't wait to play it someday :)